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Worldmark | Hydro

Web video

Project Case Study

Client Project Objective

After several years in market, client was looking to rebrand/relaunch their industry-leading product in a bold, fresh and unique way, which also demonstrated product features & capability. Concept needed to be versatile and scalable for multiple platform outputs and usage.

5OO Project Solution

500 designed a high-impact concept that also showcased product demonstration, engaging a specialised FX team. To maximise client budget, the same shooting space was used to film additional client products with a second camera team. Our in-house editors were able to tailor the footage to a variety of outputs, including relaunch web video, POS in-dealership videos, online product demonstration clips, sales EDM promos, teasers and social media promos, plus digital display banners. More than two years later, client is still able to repurpose same assets for ongoing and varied marketing platforms.

Services Provided

  • Producers
  • Scriptwriter
  • Director
  • Film Crews x2
  • Special FX
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Video Editors