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Worldmark | Hydro

90-sec promotional videos targeting mid-to-high end vehicle owners to capture performance and durability of new car paint protection product. Also required filming for secondary products on same shooting day. Web, social and POS applications required for final output.

Project Case Study

Client Project Brief

Conceptualize and produce a visually impactful/engaging video promo for product launch, to be used both as a POS dealership and social media promotion. Stylised, high-end outcome sought, balanced with key product durability & performance demonstrations. Use same shooting day to acquire footage for 2x second-tier products also.

5OO Project Solution

Project Description:
Drawing inspiration from ‘colour festivals’, 500 creatives conceived a special FX driven promo wherein a treated vehicle would be covered in exploding coloured powders, then restored to perfection. Leveraged relationships in the automotive space to facilitate production in a controlled vehicle environment that allowed for special FX, and 2x shooting teams to operate simultaneously. Second camera team assisted primary team on key shots. Multiple deliverables supplied including high-end ‘powder promo’ and more functional demonstration videos.

Services Provided

  • Producers
  • Scriptwriter
  • Director
  • Film Crews x2
  • Special FX
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Video Editors