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Nissan | Ferntree Gully

Project Description:
Two 30sec local area cinema ads for motorgroup, filmed same day though for two separate brands (with separate guidelines). Filme don location both at suburban homes and the separate dealerships

Project Case Study

Client Project Brief

Strategise with client and produce two separate local area dealership cinema ads promoting two marques under same dealer group. Engaging and humorous outcome sought, with local area feel essential. Showcase new product offerings, and also the motorgroup’s status as not just a local but also national and (seriously) GLOBAL market leader.

5OO Project Solution

Worked with client and agency to develop scripts for two separate, high-production value, character-driven ads that could be filmed on multiple locations within one day. Ads also incorporated green screen and visual FX to communicate dealer status as a global leader (far exceeding concepts usually employed for local dealership ads). Final product was commended by client as looking more like a “national brand ad”!

Services Provided

  • Producers
  • Scriptwriter
  • Director
  • Talent
  • Film Crew
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Video Editors