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Hot Shots Paintball | Branding


Project Case Study

Client Project Objective

The client required a local TVC promoting their industry leading facility. Ultimately the goal was to increase leads and bookings.

5OO Project Solution

500 filmed on location, with many volunteer participants and negotiated a high-end Steadi-cam operator to attend at reduced rates for filming. The piece needed to be designed in a versatile way so that the video could be played at events and be suitable for corporate usage too. Our inhouse team used custom designed graphics to successfully communicate the large scale of the facility, with action-movie flavour!

Services Provided

  • Producers
  • Scriptwriter
  • Director
  • Film Crew & Steadicam Operator
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Video Editors

The Results

The promotion was well received and generated patronage. The content was was re-edited multiple times by client for various promotions, making the most of the content bank aquired in production.