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National 30s & 15s TVCs

Project Case Study

Client Project Brief

The client was looking to promote various product linesand seasonal offerings through a TVC campaign.

5OO Project Solution

500 produced a unique and quirky TVC campaign in-line with branding themes and allocated budget. This piece included pre-production, filming at a CBD location with talent and post-porduction editing including motion graphics. “500 sourced an ideal private location and talent experience to facilitate the demands of filming. Additionally, coordinating in and outbound product (furniture) deliveries and rotations for filming. The filmed footage was optimised in the editing studio through variations created for future campaign derivatives in subsequent months.”

Services Provided

  • Producers
  • Storyboard/concept artists
  • Talent
  • Director
  • Film Crews
  • Make Up Artists
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Video Editors

The Results

Campaign increased overall sales results by 30%