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BMW | Bundoora

Project Description:
Metro 30 & 15sec TVC campaigns to launch new brand ambassadors and promote dealerships. Filmed on location with requirement for alternative intro sequences (set elsewhere) to be fit into tight shooting schedule.

Project Case Study

Client Project Brief

Promote dealerships as market leaders, in line with strict international brand guidelines. Conceptualise best strategy to debut brand ambassador, concept must include a separate introductory sequence (set elsewhere) within same shooting budget; execute production within functional dealership business hours, tailored for profile talent.

500 Project Solution

500 managed complex lighting and camera rigs, extras talent and staff working around functional dealership. Due to tight shooting schedule, areas of the dealership were dressed to depict alternate locations, with comprehensive visual effects and audio editing used to transform a dealership entrance into ‘Melbourne Airport’!

Successful performance of primary campaign lead to 2nd dealership roll-out with recurring brand ambassadors.

Services Provided

  • Producers
  • Scriptwriter
  • Talent (on-camera and VO)
  • Director
  • Film Crew
  • Make Up Artists
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Visual Effects
  • Video Editors