We’ve all been there. Your ad isn’t working and you’re not sure why. The social media agency thinks it’s the creative, and the video production team thinks it’s the advertising campaign set up. We’ve taken all the guesswork out the process and made it easy, with our social media campaign management offering. We pride ourselves on full transparency to our clients with our live results dashboard, allowing us to monitor & optimise campaigns to deliver the best outcome. Our dedicated campaign managers are equipped with the latest social media insights to manage your ads, regularly sharing results and keeping you informed along the way.

  • View Real Time Results
    You’ll have access to exactly how your campaign is performing (in real time), and have full transparency of how your ads are performing in a personalised dashboard
  • Success = Positive ROI 
    We won’t try to hide behind “vanity metrics”. The success of your campaign will depend on what ROI you’re seeing.
  • Continuous Optimisation
    Your campaign is not “set and forget” – we use feedback on your lead quality, plus the data from Facebook (like cost per click, and cost per lead) to always be improving the campaign to squeeze every last cent of your advertising spend. 
  • Set for Success
    Ultimately, your success is our success. You’ll work with our Growth Team to ensure all elements of your touch points with your clients are primed for optimal results.

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