500 Digital Media is a Melbourne-based production studio with a national focus. Specialising in end-to-end services, our targeted video ads and content convert. Every time.


The 5OO Methodology

The impact.

Our ads aren’t created for awards or to look good for the sake of it. We make ads to help our clients engage their target audience and make a meaningful impact. For us, it’s all about the outcome.

Your partner.

Our ads get the cut-through our clients want, because we make it our business to know your business. From short-term goals to long-term strategy, sharing a brand’s journey means efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why so many of our clients return time and again

Full service.

Fluent in every stage of production – from concept and creation to social media strategy – we provide a full-scale and integrated end-to-end service delivered by our team of in-house experts. Here to help, at every step.


The result.

Our research-driven approach favours results over fluffy assumptions, and guarantees measurable success from action to wrap. It’s our tactical combination of creativity, commitment and collaboration that delivers results.

At the end of the day, we’re about helping people. Outcome-driven ads are just how we do it.

The 500 team

Shannon Young

Shannon Young is Senior Producer/Director and the longest standing team member at 500. His varied roles bridge the gaps between client, crew, concept and delivery – seamlessly bringing a concept to life through his organisational skills and creative expertise. Shannon’s highlight at 500 has been directing his boyhood hero Jean Claude Van Damme in Ultra Tune’s controversial ‘Unexpected Situations’ campaign.

Deanna Avzangelis

Deanna Avzangelis is a Producer at 500 Media. Dedicated to visually realising a brand’s creative and saleable potential, Deanna’s passion for the digital media landscape is fuelled by the uniqueness of every project. Combining research with creative thinking to enhance client goals with audience insights, Deanna is driven by delivering meaningful outcomes.

Margaret Neira

Margaret Neira is 500’s Post Production Team Leader. Inspired by the steady growth of 500’s client base – Margaret is passionate about the opportunity her role presents to create and grow alongside the ever-evolving digital media landscape. Most recently, she enjoyed her hands-on involvement with the Groupon campaign – editing the TVC and outdoor digital signage that was widely distributed throughout the community.

Chandi Geeganage

Chandi Geeganage is the accounts and administration manager at 500. She thrives on the team environment, supportive staff and friendly clients, as well as the opportunity to develop her knowledge. While she is a quiet presence, her dedication keeps the office and accounts firing on all cylinders.

Kristian Curcio

Kristian Curcio is the Founder and Managing Director of 500 Media. Passionate about helping others, Kristian takes pride in partnering with clients and driving growth to help achieve their goals. Kristian enjoys the challenge of adapting to ongoing change and constantly staying up to date with the latest industry trends and practices. A drive to always be accountable for results and outcomes, Kristian’s main priority is to ensure his team delivers on client expectations, with every project.

Granger Berry

Motion Graphics Artist / Editing

Mo Asa Leausa

Motion Graphics Artist / Editing

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